Unit Overview

Make STEM literacy a reality.

Each of the four titles in the set features an engineering field and a science strand to help boost cross-curricular connections. Our digital storybooks take place in settings around the world to encourage global thinking. Engaging hands-on challenges promote problem solving, discovery and creative thinking as interesting characters pique children’s natural curiosity and get them thinking like engineers.

The digital storybook sets are the ideal supplement to any science curriculum, OST, distance or at home learning.


Tehya's Pollution Solution
Suman Crosses the Karnali River
Omar's Time to Shine
Despina Makes a Splash


Available in English and Spanish

Storybook title included in set Engineering Field Science Topic Science Strand International Setting
Tehya's Pollution Solution Environmental Ecosystems Life US (Washington)
Suman Crosses the Karnali River Geotechnical Landforms/erosion Earth & Space Nepal
Omar's Time to Shine Optical Light Physical Egypt
Despina Makes a Splash Ocean Floating and sinking Physical Greece
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