Engineering Grades PreK-8

A Suite of PreK-8 Engineering Solutions. Create a Future-Ready STEM Classroom.

Curiosity, imagination and creativity. These are the foundation of STEM thinking and the habits of mind we infuse into engineering teaching and learning—even from the age of 3Today’s students are starting future-ready pathways that lead to STEM-related careers. They will be global consumers and citizens ready to solve challenges in the world around them.  They are the problem solvers of the future. Let our curricula help you get them there.  

Wee Engineer

Think like an engineer! Anyone, even young children, can. Wee Engineer builds a strong foundation of problem solving and critical thinking starting at age 3.  Hands-on engineering challenges empower  children to see themselves as problem solvers. They learn that there’s more than one way to solve a problem, and that it’s okay to fail and try again. Practicing social, emotional, fine motor, cognitive, and language skills prepares them for a strong start in school. EiE's Wee Engineer® is the 2019 CODiE winner for "Best Learning Solution for Preschool/Early Childhood."

EiE for Kindergarten

Harness kindergarteners’ curiosity.  Unlock their creativity Put them on a problem solving path. Kindergarten is an ideal time to introduce and explore age-appropriate engineering challenges that develop cognitive, social, motor, and language skills. EiE for Kindergarten builds a strong base of problem solving and critical thinking that prepares children for success in school and in life.

Engineering is Elementary

Problem solving by design. 0ur award-winning engineering curriculum infuses STEM habits of mind that lead to STEM literacy. Engineering is Elementary, 2nd  Edition makes engineering accessible for all learners. Ten impactful Resources for Diverse Learners bring equity to the elementary classroom. Designed to provide teachers with support for a mixed level classroom they give additional vocabulary support and a scaffolding that makes engineering accessible to all learners.  flexible implementation model fully aligns to how and when you teach engineering  

Integrated Engineering

EiE’s new Engineering and CS Essentials program integrates engineering and computer science seamlessly for educators to show how science, engineering and computer science practices can help learners in life, to demonstrate similar foundations for design challenges, and to promote access, equity, and excellence in fun and engaging classroom lessons.

Flexible Engineering

Make anytime, including family time, engineering time. Our flexible, easy-to-use programs bring engineering to life in the classroom, afterschool, in summer school and with families in fun, engaging STEM events or at home.