Integrated STEM (Grades 1-5)

Engineering and Computer Science Curricula for Grades 1-5

Game-Changing STEM


Engineering and Computer Science Essentials™ curricula bring together science, math, engineering, and computer science practices to help learners build problem-solving skills and resilience. Our programs, available for integrated or individual subject learning, promote access, equity, and excellence in STEM academics through fun, engaging classroom lessons. 

From standards-aligned instructional materials to classroom resources and companion storybooks, both topics included in Essentials follow the same teaching practices and provide the necessary support you need to teach engineering and/or computer science in any learning environment. 

Linked by engaging characters from around the world and grade-level appropriate concepts, this program creates a learning environment where students can move seamlessly from engineering to computer science units as they become creative problem solvers. 

Now Available! Computer Science unit for Kindergarten.

Start your students off right with the necessary foundation in computer science to encourage a lifelong love of STEM.

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How the Program Works

Essentials offers online access for teachers to all instructional materials and classroom resources conveniently located in one place. Resources include:

  • Easy-to-Print Assessments, worksheets, visuals, graphic organizers, and Answer Keys 
  • Resources for Diverse Learners
  • Point of Use Videos 
  • Materials Kits (available separately)

Explore Engineering and Computer Science Essentials Units

This program offers coupled Engineering and Computer Science units. Designed for NGSS, it brings together engineering, computer science, math and science to build STEM literacy and help students connect what they learn to the real world.

Grade Level

Engineering Essentials Units


1 Designing Lighting Systems Omar's Time to Shine  
2 Designing Hand Pollinators Mariana Becomes a Butterfly  
3 Designing Maglev Systems​ Hikaru's Toy Troubles   
4 Designing Solar Ovens​ Lerato Cooks Up a Plan  
5 Cleaning an Oil Spill Tehya's Pollution Solution 

Grade Level

Computer Science Essentials Units

Math Extension


1 Programming Robots Addition and Subtraction Omar's Robotic Reach
2 Creating Animations​ Place Value Mariana Shares a Bee Idea
3 Building Automated Systems Multiplication and Division Hikaru's Signal System 
4 Designing Computer Games Multiplying Fractions Lerato's Playful Program
5 Analyzing Digital Images Multiplying Decimals Tehya's Pixels Program  





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