Engineering is Elementary Storybooks (Grades 1-5)

Storybooks Build STEM Literacy

Open up the world of STEM for all learners.

Inspire curiosity with engaging storybooks that use cross-curricular connections to bring learning to life. Each title in the collection features an engineering field and a science strand and features interesting characters from around the world that pique children’s natural curiosity and get them thinking like engineers. Hands-on, mini design challenges in each story promote problem solving, discovery and creative thinking as they build STEM literacy. The challenges can be easily completed using materials found around the home. The storybook sets are the ideal supplement to any science curriculum, OST, distance or at home learning.

Print and Digital Storybook Features

Support for Every Learner

With special attention to the diverse needs of today’s elementary learners, the storybooks deliver a unique set of supports and interactive features to create an engaging STEM learning experience. 

Vocabulary Support

Help make STEM stories more accessible to independent readers. Vocabulary supports provide simple definitions so readers can understand science terms and cultural vocabulary that may be unfamiliar.

Available in English and Spanish

To help create access to STEM literacy for all learners, the storybooks are available in English and Spanish.


Digital Storybook Features

Audio Support

Engaging read-alouds provide support for different learning styles. Helps learners to sound out terms that they may be hearing for the first time.

Science Manipulatives

Add a whole new dimension to students’ reading experience with science manipulatives that support science learning.

Adjustable Formatting

Easily change font type, text size, and color to ensure that the storybook format matches what’s needed. 

Flexible Formats

Each storybook is available in a complete and abridged format for flexible implementation options.

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