A Gift from Fadil Storybook


Fadil’s older sister Ikhlas is getting married, and the whole family is excited about the event—except for Fadil’s younger sister, Bashira. She thinks that Ikhlas will forget about them once she marries and moves away. Fadil convinces Bashira that they can work together to create a special present for Ikhlas—a plant from their garden that will serve as a reminder of her family. 

When Fadil and Bashira package the plant and later show it to their Aunt Rasha, they notice a problem. The plant has wilted. Taking the plant’s needs into consideration, the pair decide to redesign the package. With a little help from Aunt Rasha, a packaging engineer, they not only become more aware of the plant’s needs, but also begin to think like packaging engineers as they solve their problem. 

Readers are encouraged to design their own package by recycling leftover packages and materials they find at home. With some creativity and knowledge of the engineering design process, everyone can engineer! 

Engineering Field: Package Engineering

Science Field: Life Science

Setting: Jordan

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A Gift from Fadil Storybook