Engineering Adventures Complete Series (Grades 3-5)


Get kids thinking like engineers. In school, after school, in summer school. Meaningful, real-world open-ended problems engage students in engineering challenges that build confidence with engineering. Eleven Engineering Adventures units show learners that they can apply their knowledge of science and math to engineer technologies with a global impact. Students learn how to solve problems as they explore the role engineering plays in their lives and the world around them. With Engineering Adventures, students build 21st century skills as they practice critical thinking to work through hands-on challenges together. They learn to collaborate, communicate, solve problems and present their findings in an Engineering Showcase.

The Digital Educator Guide provides convenient, on-demand, online access to the Educator Guide and resources. Use the Digital Educator Guide to seamlessly project in-class, deliver STEM learning virtually, and prepare for lessons anytime, anywhere. Contact your sales representative for renewal information and for access for multiple teachers. 


The Engineering Adventures resources extend and enhance STEM learning. With everything from topic-based videos and articles to audio messages from storybook characters and prep lessons, educators have what they need to make engineering happen anytime, anywhere. Resources are available in print and digitally.


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