Flexible Engineering

Anytime, Anywhere Engineering

Solving food scarcity. Preventing viral outbreaks. Designing eco-friendly cities. Today’s real-world challenges need a generation oproblem solvers who can think, design, build and solve for tomorrow in a collaborative student-centered environment. Make anytime, engineering time, with flexible, easy-to-implement challenges that engage students in school, afterschool, or during summer learning. Educators benefit from educator guides with lesson plans and quick set up that guide instruction.

Engineering Adventures - Grades 3-5

Learn to think like an engineer! Help students apply their knowledge of science and math to solve relevant, global challenges and start to see themselves as engineers. Eleven hands-on units introduce real-world challenges from around the world, from designing earthquake-resistant structures in Haiti to creating ecofriendly recycled race cars for a derby in Senegal. Special Report videos set the context with subject-area expert interviews and by going on location with engineers.  Learners get a closer look at how real professionals in the field solve challenges.

Engineering Everywhere - Grades 6-8

Ready to think like a NASA scientist? Engineering Everywhere invites learners to work together to find solutions to some of today’s most pressing global engineering challenges. Twelve thought-provoking units challenge learners to think like real engineers as they solve problems like designing eco-friendly plastic alternatives or developing technologies to help NASA scientists learn more about a newly discovered Moon. Dynamic correspondent interviews with experts and engineers give learners an overview of the problem and how real professionals in the field have worked to solve it. 

Families & STEM Events - Ages 4-10 

Whether you’re organizing a family STEM event, or looking for fun STEM activities to do as a family at home, EiE Families has you covered! These hands-on, research-based activities promote collaborative problem-solving, and build confidence in families’ understanding of the STEM disciplines. Designed for families with children ages 4-11. Activities are free.