Erik's Unexpected Twist Storybook


Whenever Erik goes camping, disasters seem to follow. He’d much rather stay at home and skateboard with his friends than go with his Papa on a camping trip in Germany’s Black Forest. When Erik realizes that a rival, Matthias, is going on the trip as well, he’s even less excited. 

The trip takes a surprising turn when Matthias, not Erik, hurts his knee. The campers realize they need to design a knee brace for Matthias. With Erik leading the charge, can the crew get Matthias out of the woods? 

Readers are encouraged to design and improve their own knee brace design for a doll or action figure. With some creativity and knowledge of the engineering design process, everyone can engineer! 

Engineering Field: Biomedical Engineering

Science Field: Life Sciences

Setting: Germany


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Erik's Unexpected Twist Storybook