Aisha Makes Work Easier Storybook


A potato chip lover, Aisha begs her older brother Malcolm to bring her to the potato chip factory where he is an industrial engineer. Malcolm agrees to take her, but only if she and her cousin Tanya complete their summer project for school. Taking them on a fun-filled simple machines scavenger hunt through Boston, Massachusetts, Malcolm helps with their school project and prepares them for their trip to the factory. 

By visiting the potato chip factory, the girls learn how simple machines and the design of industrial systems make work safer for laborers. The trip inspires the girls to create a simple machine system of their own. 

Readers are encouraged to design systems and processes that make work easier by taking advantage of simple machines. With some creativity and knowledge of the engineering design process, everyone can engineer.  

Engineering Field: Industrial Engineering

Science Field: Physical Science

Setting: Massachusetts, US

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Aisha Makes Work Easier Storybook