Lerato Cooks Up a Plan Storybook


Now that Lerato’s older sister has a job, Lerato must care for her younger brothers and sister. Keeping them on task while doing chores, like gathering firewood, is hard work. Lerato knows that her job is an important one though, and her family needs her at home—not away at university. 

When Tsoane, a woman from Lerato’s village, returns for a visit during university break, she tells Lerato about green engineering and gives her a solar oven. If used correctly, the oven could eliminate the chore of gathering firewood. Lerato must use what she knows about heat energy and green engineering to improve the solar oven so it works. When Lerato’s family sees the engineering she’s done, their support helps Lerato realize university might not be so far out of reach after all. 

Readers are encouraged to design a solar oven of their own. With some creativity and knowledge of the engineering design process, everyone can engineer! 

Engineering Field: Green Engineering

Science Field: Physical Sciences

Setting: Botswana

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Lerato Cooks Up a Plan Storybook