Unit Overview

Engineering Unit:

Transportation engineering comes alive. Introduce students to engineering as they learn how “maglev” or magnetic levitation trains move by using magnets instead of wheels. The technological innovation behind these trains makes relevant, real-world connections for students as they send magnets sailing, help magnets hover, and poke around magnetic fields. With their new insights into the science of magnets, students will use the engineering design process to design, test, and improve their own tabletop maglev transportation systems—just like the character in the storybook, Hikaru’s Toy Troubles.

Computer Science Unit:

Automation helps get things done. Across industries, including transportation, automated systems are valued for the improvements they offer in safety and efficiency. If a human had to be involved in completing every task, much of our time would be consumed with menial labor. Devices that do tasks without direct control from humans offer enormous savings in time and energy. Students learn about computer-controlled automated systems through activities, discussions, and readings designed to make the computer science concepts relevant through real world examples. Students use the Engineering Design Process to create an automated system of inputs and outputs to increase safety and/or efficiency, this time, in a home.

tablet, phone and computer screens shownig resources

Engineering and Computer Science Essentials Unit
Core Program Components

  • Teacher Guide 
  • Digital Storybook (Engineering)
  • Digital Storybook Epilogue (Computer Science)
  • Classroom Resource Pack 
  • Materials Kits 
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Essentials Grade 3

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Integrated Essentials: Maglev/Automated Systems - 1yr Digital
Integrated Essentials: Maglev/Automated Systems - 3yr Digital
Engineering Essentials: Designing Maglev Systems - 1yr Digital
Engineering Essentials: Designing Maglev Systems - 3yr Digital
Designing Maglev System Materials Kit
Computer Science Essentials: Building Automated Systems - 1yr Digital
Computer Science Essentials: Building Automated Systems - 3yr Digital
Computer Science Essentials: Building Automated Systems Materials Kit

Classroom Resource Pack and Resources for Diverse Learners

As a set of high impact resources, the Resources for Diverse Learners are designed to help remove distractions and decrease literacy demands so that all students can succeed in engineering and computer science as creative problem solvers.

Within the Teacher Guide, built-in vocabulary support, suggestions for creating context and background; options for different learning styles; and multiple ways for learners to express understanding all come together to improve access to engineering and computer science.  The Classroom Resource Pack (available separately) includes support materials from the Teacher’s Guide in a convenient classroom package.

Resource for Diverse Learners Included in the Teacher Guide Packaged with the Teacher Guide Included in Digital Unit
Student Discussion Support * * *
Teacher Discussion Support * * *
English Learner Strategies * * *
Differentiation Duplication Masters * * *
Flip book StorybookEnglish and Spanish1   * *
Character Cards1   * *
Visual Vocabulary Cards1   * *
Illustrated Engineering Design Poster - English   8.5x11in. included
 (available for sale in 20x30 in.)
Illustrated Engineering Design Poster - Spanish   8.5x11in. included
 (available for sale in 20x30 in.)
Materials Reference Sheet1   * *
Alternative Lesson Progression     *

1 Spanish version available in the Digital Unit only.

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