Engineering and Computer Science Essentials™ Grade 5

Unit Overview


Engineering Unit: Cleaning an Oil Spill

An oil spill can be deadly for fish, plants, and other organisms in a river ecosystem. In the storybook Tehya’s Pollution Solution, set on the Elwha River in the Pacific Northwest, students find out how environmental engineers respond to an oil spill by containing and cleaning it. Applying their knowledge of ecosystems and food webs, students test water quality and the oil-absorbing properties of different materials as they engineer a process for cleaning up their own model oil spill.


Computer Science Unit: Analyzing Digital Images

The Elwha Dam has been removed! In the story Tehya’s Pixels Program, a computer-aided analysis of Tehya’s digital photos helps scientists observe the restoration of the river’s ecosystem. Students investigate how to use the programming language Scratch to analyze images themselves. They Design, create, and test a program to communicate data through a digital image, then design a program to analyze a digital image to monitor a population of organisms in an ecosystem.

Unit Core Program Components 

  • Digital Teacher Guide
  • Digital Storybook (Engineering)
  • Digital Storybook Epilogue
    (Computer Science)
  • Materials Kits 
tablet, phone and computer screens with resources


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Engineering Essentials: Cleaning an Oil Spill - 1yr Digital
Engineering Essentials: Cleaning an Oil Spill - 3yr Digital
Cleaning an Oil Spill Materials Kit
Computer Science Essentials: Analyzing Digital Images - 1yr Digital
Computer Science Essentials: Analyzing Digital Images - 3yr Digital

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Cleaning an Oil Spill

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Cleaning an Oil Spill Materials Kit

Analyzing Digital Images

Available Kit:
Analyzing Digital Images Materials Kit

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