Unit Overview

What can we learn from plants and animals to help inspire new technologies? In this unit, students look at examples of camouflage, protection, and bioluminescence in nature to engineer bioinspired bags or packs for a client. They become materials engineers as they explore the properties of materials and use the Engineering Design Process to create and improve their designs, making sure they meet their client’s unique criteria and constraints.

Core Program Unit Components

We recommend one Educator Guide per teacher and one Materials Kit per 24 learners. Together, these components create a high-quality, hands-on STEM learning experience.  


Educator Guide Print + Digital
Materials Kit

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Engineering Bioinspired Gear Materials Kit
Engineering Bioinspired Gear Educator Guide Print + Digital
Engineering Bioinspired Gear Student Journal 10 Pack

Program Components 

Print + Digital:

  • Printed copy of the Educator Guide containing instructions to facilitate the unit 
  • Printed copy of student-facing engineering journal for duplication
  • Digital access to the Educator Guide via learn.eie.org  

Materials Kit 

  • Includes materials to support 24 learners 


Create a STEM mindset. Implement engineering with fidelity. Partner with EiE to create a culture of STEM and problem solving as you learn best practices for teaching STEM and share knowledge through full or multi-day workshops; teacher educator institutes, and multi-year implementation planning and strategy development. Explore our professional development programs and empower STEM.

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