Unit Overview

In this unit, students are challenged to protect a fictional dog from getting too warm in the sunlight. They’ll learn about concepts related to the warming effects of the Sun, light and shadow, and animals and animal needs as they engineer a shady shelter roof.

Program Unit Components

The EiE for Kindergarten curriculum is designed to lay a strong foundation for STEM learning. 

The Educator Guide includes step-by-step instructions for engineering activities, materials preparation information, discussion prompts, educator tips, and a poster illustrating the Engineering Design Process.

The Digital Educator Guide provides easy access to an online version of the unit. Convenient, online access to the Guide and resources makes it easy to seamlessly project to the class, deliver STEM learning virtually, and prep for lessons any time, anywhere.  The Digital Educator Guide is available as a one and three year subscription.

Full-color illustrated storybooks set the stage for engineering. Each storybook features a child solving a real-world problem using engineering and is designed to support science vocabulary and literacy.

Materials kits include all the supplies needed for 24 students to complete the engineering activities in this unit.

Educator Guide
Materials Kit

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The EiE for Kindergarten resources extend and enhance STEM learning for today’s kindergarten learners. With everything from family letters and how-to videos to suggested reading book lists and vocabulary cards educators have what they need for engineering success in their kindergarten classroom. Resources are available in print and digitally.

Create a STEM mindset. Implement engineering with fidelity. Partner with EiE to create a culture of STEM and problem solving as you learn best practices for teaching STEM and share knowledge through full or multi-day workshops; teacher educator institutes, and multi-year implementation planning and strategy development. Explore our professional development programs and empower STEM.

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