Unit Overview

In this unit, kids will use mechanical engineering skills to design their own timekeeping technology that measures time. A virtual learning pathway will support teachers as they guide students through the engineering adventure.  


The Virtual Learning Edition provides the instruction and support teachers need to make the engineering adventure engaging and motivating for students. The unit’s three-part structure makes virtual teaching and learning flexible and easy to navigate.  

  1. Instructional planningGet ready to teach
  2. Launch the UnitExplore virtual learning best practices, set expectations, introduce the unit, prepare materials and explore the unit 
  3. AdventureComplete exciting engineering adventures with virtual challenges that are enhanced with hands-on learning by students with individual On-the-Go Materials Kits.  

Individual On-the-Go Materials Kits make learning hands-on and fun for students, even when learning in a virtual learning environment. The On-the-GKit includes everything one student needs to complete the challenge and practice thinking like an engineer. 



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