Unit Overview

In this unit, students learn about membranes and the field of bioengineering. They then design model membranes to deliver water to a model frog at a controlled rate.

Core Program Unit Components

The Virtual Learning Edition provides the instruction and support teachers need to make the engineering unit engaging and motivating for students. The unit’s three-part structure makes virtual teaching and learning flexible and easy to navigate.

  • Instructional Planning: Get ready to teach.
  • Launch the Unit: Explore virtual learning best practices, set expectations, introduce the unit, prepare materials and establish a schedule.
  • Learning Pathway: Complete exciting engineering activities with virtual challenges that are enhanced with hands-on learning by students with individual On-the-Go Materials Kits.

On-the-Go Materials Kits

Individual On-the-Go Materials Kits make learning hands-on and fun for students, even when learning in a virtual learning environment. The On-the-Go Kit includes everything one student needs to complete the challenge and practice thinking like an engineer.


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