Unit Overview

In Solid as a Rock: Replicating an Artifact, students explore rocks and minerals and the properties of materials. The unit begins with the storybook Gayla and Natasha’s Rocky Adventure, in which twins Gayla and Natasha living in Russia explore the field of Materials Engineering as they identify a material to replicate a petroglyph (rock carving) from their archeologist mother’s study site. Over the course of the unit, students learn how to compare and categorize different materials, differentiate between the three types of rocks, and practice the methods archaeologists use to protect and replicate their discoveries. Like Gayla and Natasha, students then follow the steps of the Engineering Design Process to imagine, plan, create, and improve their own petroglyph replicas.

Core Program Unit Components

Bring equity and excellence to your classroom. Engineering is Elementary, 2nd edition core program components, plus ten Resources for Diverse Learners (RDL), broaden access to engineering for English learners and students with special needs.

Educator Resources
Materials Kit

Galya and Natasha's Rocky Adventure Storybook is currently out of stock. Contact us at 617-589-0230 or eie@mos.org for future shipment.

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Ten Resources for Diverse Learners

As a set of high impact resources, the Resources for Diverse Learners are designed to help remove distractions and decrease literacy demands so that all students can succeed in engineering and problem solving. Built-in vocabulary support, suggestions for objects to create context and background; multiple points of entry for different learning styles; and multiple ways for learners to express understanding meet the needs of today’s diverse classroom.

Resource for Diverse Learners Included in the Teacher Guide Packaged with the Teacher Guide Included in Digital Unit
Student Discussion Support * * *
Teacher Discussion Support * * *
English Learner Strategies * * *
Differentiation Duplication Masters * * *
Flip book StorybookEnglish and Spanish1   * *
Character Cards1   * *
Visual Vocabulary Cards1   * *
Illustrated Engineering Design Poster - English   8.5x11in. included
 (available for sale in 20x30 in.)
Illustrated Engineering Design Poster - Spanish   8.5x11in. included
 (available for sale in 20x30 in.)
Materials Reference Sheet1   * *
Alternative Lesson Progression     *

1 Spanish version available in the Digital Unit only.

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The Digital Unit provides online access to the Educator Guide and a variety of Resources for Diverse Learners to help educators prep anytime; access and easily download duplication masters, and project the duplication masters to the classroom. The Digital Unit is available with your purchase of Engineering is Elementary, 2nd Edition.  Contact your sales representative for renewal information and for access for multiple teachers.

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